Scott Westman

Scott WestmanAssociate Professional

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A strong base of fundamentals (grip, aim, posture, balance and alignment) are keys to the start of a good golf swing and correctly practicing the fundamentals is the best way to improve a player’s game.


Paul B. Bates, Alberta, Canada (Handicap –18)

Best lesson ever! Scott is meticulous about the grip, set up, posture and finish. Fundamentals are important

Kevin D Pipper, New York, USA (Handicap –9)

Scott’s approach to the swing has been very simple for me and always focuses on the fundamentals. Scott Has helped me understand my golf swing and how to make changes on my own. I know every golfer will benefit from their time spent with Scott.

Kirk Small, Alberta, Canada (Handicap –13)

I would recommend Scott for your golf instructor as I have experienced great results and a positive attitude when I play. His ability to put his students at ease and make it Fun has made my lesson experience enjoyable.