The Lab at the Ranch

Why should all golfers be fit by a PGA of Canada Professional for their golf clubs?

Because a fitting is the No. 1 fundamental for providing consistency throughout a set of clubs.

Whether you are just getting into golf or have been playing for years, buying clubs off the rack and heading for the first tee is a mistake, pure and simple. Just as not every man wears a size 40-regular suit and not every woman wears a size 8 dress, equipment specifications vary significantly based on your physical make-up—height, weight, age, gender, etc.  Your handicap and length of time playing the game will also be taken into account.

A complete fitting will cover every club in your bag from driver to putter, and our Professional Fitters may even recommend a specific ball for your swing speed. Consider it money very well spent, an investment. It likely will save you a lot of money in the final analysis, preventing you from purchasing the wrong equipment. And having a custom fitting doesn’t necessarily mean you have to buy new clubs. 

With today’s sophisticated methods, a PGA of Canada Professional here at The Ranch Golf Academy can often tweak your equipment to compensate for some fundamental swing flaws.

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